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Dragon story

It is my favorite game. I love it. Thanks so much to that person who creat this game.

Theres a bug - some people have it much easier!

Funny game, but theres a bug because of which some people gain more coins reward than others. My sister also plays the game. For the quest "pump it up" she gets 10000 coins while I get 2150. Also her big green grove costs 500 coins, mine 15000! Thats not fair and needs to be fixed. By the way dragons, food and coins are too complicated to get. You nearly cant play without investing real money!

This has been a nice game in the beginning

One of the biggest disappointments and I am playing this game now for years. It is not stable anymore and contains so many bugs. I would recommend to have less events and start investigation into the code. Game crashes, during leaderboard event collected points vanishes, hints in the mine are irritating (you find items directly beside a "Too far" message). This looks like very lousy programming. Please concentrate more on quality than on quantity. This game used to superb and now it is crap. I spend so much money over the years to this game. You will definitely loose this source of income. Such a shame....

Update: Crashes on iPad, doesnt work anymore /// Siamese Dragon brings you 5 stars from me

Update: Since the last version, its no more playable on iPad, it crashes every time, the game doesnt start!!! With the release of this wonderful dragon, all errors or bugs are no more important. I love it endless, I have a Siamese cat and always wanted a Siamese dragon, now a wonder happened and its really there!! Im so happy about it, I hope I get it soon. THANKS SO MUCH for this best dragon of all!


App is very unstable since the Bingo update. Crashes all the time especially when visiting community members or neighbors.

What u should add

This is a GREAT app. And this app needs to add one thing that when you hatch a dragon you should be able to put it in your storage and save it so you can move on with your game. If you could add this in ur next update that would be great. Thanks for reading


Great game, love what you guys did with the breeding selection makes it a lot easier now

Disappointing..can you give a negative star rating?

In The small write up, it states you can breed and collect rare dragons. As a dragon lover..I thought great. however this game is not developed to give you a sporting chance as if sitting at the roulette table, so, that you have to sink hard cash into this game or it takes too long or you miss the chance. ALSO! There is no support, too many bugs, have gold traps where the storm 8 teams intentionally rips off your gold so that you have to give cash, RIP OFF

Dragon story

Fun game to play. Just annoying with all those pop ups at the start. Would have rated it higher if it wasnt for those darn pop ups.


I have been playing for 4 years and its not fun anymore with all the tasks they just want you to bye gold cant breed dragons takes months to get if your lucky need more farms to evolve dragons to level 15 not going to happen on my island for another 10 years stop being so greedy

Dragon story

Great game but really dont like the pop-ups for other games

Totally in love

Love this game. The breeding process is really fun and cool. Also a wide selection of dragons and habitats. You should allow us to sell dragons to other players as well as buy them from other players. Nobody has that much gold to buy dragons from the market. Overall very sought out and colourful. Have fun playing! Cant live without it. I am Nessas dragons BTW so fun


Cant open the game. Why! Help me.

Dragon story

The game is fantastic. Im completely addicted to it. But there are some problems. The app lags constantly, and some of the products that you can buy with gold are way too expensive. Expanding costs could be minimized as well. Other than these things the game is absolutely fantastic and I enjoy playing it.

Nice but thats it

Yes, is nice, but the Items are unrealistically expensive.


I really like the game, but too expensive. The pop ups are extremely too frequent.


The game is getting boring. Too expensive to get more land. 60 maps really?! You want a lot of gold for everything. If its a game for kids, its supposed to be fun, not just a money sucker. What happened? I m stuck . Been same place for two months and cant hatch dragons. To expensive to get more land. I have all my habitats with one of each kind of dragon and three new ones to hatch.

Good But Needs Improvement

Its a good game but they are very greedy because they are limiting the amount of gold we get. A while ago we used to receive 2 gold from a neighbour now we dont. Battle arena is way to unbalanced... Dont get me started on that

Dragon story


Its ok

I cant store any freaking thing! I press store and its still there

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